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First phase

Decide on the sales sprint
and finish the setup.

Sprint Setup

Week 1

Sign up and define your sales sprint
during a 45 minute video chat.

Create your account, use our software and decide on your sales sprint. The first sales sprint is free!

Week 2

Sprint setup

We will setup the software and
content for your sales sprint.

Get your confirmation message and login to your
account to view all details before getting started.

Lead campaign software
Let us set up your lead campaign software. Login to your account and access all your tools from one simple hub.

Let’s get started

First milestone! Ready to start generating leads after 2 weeks

In the first two weeks we will make sure everything is setup that
needs to be done to start generating leads.

Second phase

Optimize the funnel and
start generating leads.

Receive leads

Week 3

The first e-mail outreach is sent and
the first calls are made.

Exciting times! We will start executing the sales
sprint and optimize the sales funnel.

Week 4

Receive leads

You will start receiving your first
leads via the app (and your CRM).

These are the notifications you'll love! Browse
leads using our app or view them in your CRM.

Gridplay appBeta
Use the Gridplay app to chat directly with your campaign manager and get updates on performance and leads.

Let’s get started

Second milestone! The first leads are in and the funnel is optimized

Now we're talking! The first leads are in after the initial start. Let's turn
up the volume by adding online marketing channels.

Third phase

Find profitable marketing
channels to generate more leads.

Week 5

Extra channels

Add up to five marketing channels
to generate more leads.

Let's turn this up a notch! Now your funnel is
performing, let's add marketing channels.

Our campaign team works with a list of 10 channels. Based on your taget group we will work with the top 5.

Let’s get started
Extra channels

Week 6

Measure channel performance and keep the profitable ones.

We will ditch the channels that are underperforming and keep the ones that work.


Third milestone!* Up to a 100 sales leads every month

*Average performance per sales sprint based on of 17 clients in 2015.

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